Sugar-Free Coconut Bites

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These Keto-friendly Coconut bites are among our bestseller products in our Sugar-free, high-quality chocolate collection. They are hand-crafted with passion and love. And made from simple and top-quality ingredients.

The center is made of unsweetened shredded coconut mixed with cream and coconut milk powder and sweetened with natural sweeteners. Dipped in our own semi-sweet Kute 75% dark chocolate.
A delicious treat to satisfy the chocolate craving for keto dieters, low carbs dieters, and diabetics.

The box contains 9 or 16 bonbons and roughly 130- 220 grams of chocolate.
Need it as a gift? They also come in jars.
We make them fresh to order.

Shapes and size vary as they are all individually hand cut and dipped.