About Us

Kute Chocolates is a small Canadian family business out of the heart of Mississauga, Ontario. It is founded by an Ecole Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Arts graduate. We produce unique and delectable chocolates where we combine our passion for chocolates with chocolate crafting. Made exceptionally for your daily and special occasions. We use only high-quality ingredients with absolutely no chemicals, additives, or preservatives. We do not use GMO ingredients, and certainly do not add palm oil. 

All our chocolate bonbons are crafted and decorated by hand. We created our recipes for the fillings using the finest of ingredients. Because we do not add additives, we produce them in small batches and to-order to make sure they are always fresh and dated. 

Our sugar-free chocolates are made from the finest Belgian Chocolate. The processes of agitation, conching, and the hand-tempering processes we apply give our chocolates the appetizing shine, a pleasing snap, and a smooth melt-in-the-mouth feel.  

 A little about Myself

For over the last twenty years, my passions for health and nutrition have been the deciding factors of my dietary lifestyle. My undergraduate studies were in Nutrition and Food Technology. That was when I realized that eating healthy is eating food closest to its natural state and it is also an integrated piece of a healthy lifestyle. I enrolled in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and became a Registered Holistic Nutrition Consultant. I further obtained a Graduate Certificate in Eating Behaviour from Tufts University.

Being a foodie myself, I love to cook, bake and try new recipes and share them  with the ones I love. That's where I developed a passion for counseling and educating people about food's pleasurable qualities. I felt an urge to do more, so I obtained a Master's degree in Public Health Education from Walden University and became a Certified Health Education Specialist. 

How I discovered my passion for Chocolate is a different story. My twin sister took a chocolate-making course at the Ecole Chocolat in Vancouver a few years ago and encouraged me to join a class myself. I kept postponing the idea and almost forgot about it. When I finished my Master's degree, I had some free time and thought why not give it a try. As I was learning and experimenting with chocolate recipes and designs, I realized how much I loved it, because it was limitless. I had the freedom to create anything I wanted, any flavours and products I dreamt of. My thoughts were, "Oh My God, this is what I want to do." I started giving away samples to my friends and neighbours. At the time, many members of my community were on Keto and Low-Sugar diets. So, I experimented and developed my recipe of sugar-free chocolates to support their chocolate cravings without having to give them up completely.

The feedback I received from them was overwhelmingly positive and it inspired me, with the support of my family, to start Kute Chocolates.